George Bush Themed Street Art

 - Aug 15, 2008
References: quazen
This political graffiti is all centered around George W. Bush. They include drawings and words that are scratched, painted, or sprayed on walls and other surfaces in public places.

With the writing on the wall (sorry I could not help myself) for one of the most controversial US presidents in history, a global trend is upping its ante. Graffiti artists are increasingly using George W Bush and the current state of American affairs in their work (as long it doesn't contain a sodding butterfly or pearly king, I'm happy).

This is a collection of some of the best street pieces inspired by the love and hate (Adolf Bush), and indifference (Disney War) for George W Bush.

The source of this information was a great site, but with comments like, "Using simple HTML coding, this graffiti artist has soundlessly expressed that he feels the world will soon see 'the end of Bush'" on the piece, it is also in eminent danger of disappearing up its own backside during a hike up Mount Ego.