Au Revoir Mr. President

 - Jan 17, 2009
George Bush will officially end his presidency when Barack Obama is sworn in on Tuesday. So, I was thinking, ‘What will I miss about George Bush?’

I’m drawing a blank. I have to turn to others: 

Cartoonist Sheka Wood told the Washington Post, I’ll miss drawing Bush’s beady little eyes, pointy lip and his 'Dude! Who Farted?!' smirk. However, the ‘Bush is dumb’ jokes have been played out for years. Let’s bring in some new blood to rake over the coals."

Jim Towey of the Wall Street Journal had this to say: "President Bush will soon be heading home and for many that day cannot come soon enough. Count me among those who will miss him and his bedrock decency...History will decide whether George W. Bush was a successful President. But he was faithful. He had a charge to keep and he kept it."

Either way, the era of Dubya is ending. So, I say, ‘Au revoir, Mr. President,’ and offer up the following trends in memorandum.