Reliving the Bush Shoe Scandal Through Animated Gifs

 - Dec 17, 2008
It didn’t take long for tech-savvy internet users to make animated gifs surrounding Iraqi journalist, Muntadar al-Zeidi, throwing his shoes at President Bush.  Since December 15, 2008, BoingBoing has received no less than 9 submissions.

Animated gifs of the President Bush shoe-throwing scandal even have Curly from the ‘Three Stooges’ taking a shot at the outgoing, lame-duck president.  Here are a couple of samples for you to enjoy:

I have two favorite animations. One features President Bush as Neo in the infamous bullet-dodging scene from ‘The Matrix’, except he’s dodging shoes. The other is a link for a video game called ’Flying Babush‘ from a BoingBoing commenter.  In it, you try and nail President Bush with flying footwear. 

President Bush may not be popular, but he sure is going out of his eight-year presidency with a bang—or a ‘shoe’ I should say.