Bush Whacking and More

 - Aug 15, 2008
References: trendhunter
As it seems impeachment is now off the table, a bunch of get-back-at-Bush toys and games have hit the market. It all started off with Bush's own PR team who came up with the original, hilarious and incredibly ironic George W. Bush Yoyo in 2000.

Ironic because Bush is probably the only president who will be able to lay claim to the fact that the words "Bush" and "Yoyo" appear together in the same sentence nearly 780,000 times (Google).

Now there is a paddle toy called the Bush Whacker. With the tagline "We've been Bushwhacked and it's time to Whack Back" the paddle features George W's face and will provide hours of entertainment for your cranky anti-Bush friends. It can be ordered here.

There are also a few distasteful (though rather funny) toys like the George W. Bush Voodoo Doll and a gag toilet paper gift with Bush's face prominently displayed on each sheet.