Guarav Sharma Becomes a Political Hero to Draw Votes into His Web

 - Apr 11, 2014
References: youtube & kotaku
Guarav Sharma, 32, is running for Parliament in India and in an attempt to draw voters into his web, he became Spiderman the political hero! Now this isn't your ordinary desk politician; Sharma was previously a martial arts instructor for the Mumbai Police, so he is in great shape.

In the video by Associated Press, you can see him climbing up the sides of buildings in his costume, introducing himself to residents and asking for their votes. He draws a crowd and it looks like people are persuaded to vote for him, or at least look into him.

It's one thing to list off a series of promises you'll deliver and another to put on a mask and become a superhero, drawing the attention of adults and children alike. This stunt sure is getting the attention the political hero wanted... now he can only hope they will follow through with a vote in gratitude for his entertainment.