The 'Metropolis' Police Drone Would Interact with Humans on the Road

 - Mar 21, 2016
References: charlesbombardier & tuvie
As autonomous vehicles begin to enter the market, that same technology is being applied to enforcement with the 'Metropolis' police drone. A conceptual design created by Charles Bombardier, the drone was made into a design concept by Adolfo Esquivel.

The drone would drive on the road via a singular wheel design that would make weaving through tight areas and traffic a cinch. When interacting with humans, the 'Metropolis' police drone would use a holographic system to display a figure to converse with. AI technology would allow the robotic drone to talk more personably with humans rather than being a unit with a black and white outlook on enforcement.

The drone, although merely in conceptual design stages, could help to influence how designs of the future are fashioned.