Polaris Mobile Phone Robot Ensures Humanity's Technological Enslavement

 - Sep 17, 2009
References: slashgear & swipelife
Looks like that vision of the future where the robots we create to do our bidding suddenly turn against us and enslave us in return is one step closer. The Polaris Mobile Phone Robot will learn your comings and goings and eventually predict your wants.

Designed by Flower Robotics and mobile phone magnate KDDI, the Polaris at first acts as a rolling docking station. Once it is charging your cell phone, the Polaris Mobile Phone Robot will roll towards your television where it, according to swipelife.com, "records and analyzes trends in a user’s behavior including daily travel, calls and emails sent and received, and online transactions. After collecting sufficient data, the Polaris predicts a user’s behavior and offers relevant advice and information."

Should I get ready for the robot uprising now, or later?