'I'm Not There' by Pol Ubeda Hervas Casts a Deeper Meaning

 - Mar 14, 2012
References: flickr & xaxor
'I'm Not There' by Pol Ubeda Hervas is a series of images that displays a man looking at his shadow. The only thing is that the man has been removed from the pictures and all that is left is a pair of sneakers and a reflective dark shape.

Hervas was inspired to create this series because he said "I don’t recognize myself any more. These photos express this feeling." The images have a dark and reflective feel as if someone is looking in the mirror and no longer recognizes who they've become. Hervas does leave the shoes in the images though because he wants to remind onlookers that there is still a man somewhere behind the shadow.

I'm Not There by Pol Ubeda Hervas doesn't need a person in the pictures because one can tell by the shape of the shadow that the person is in deep reflection.