The Poke Hanger Stands Upright in a Seemingly Unsupported Stance

 - Oct 1, 2013
References: kyuhyungcho
Students of modern art history will immediately smile upon learning that the Poke Hanger was inspired by Rene Magritte. Designer Kyuhyung Cho strove to construct a playful illusion in a minimalist piece that would enhance and yet simplify your living space.

The fundamental structure of the surrealist hatrack is based on a broad metal ring at at the bottom, a smaller ring at the middle and a steel pipe that's attached to the two. It slants as it rises up, producing a bit of a gravity-defying position that's actually offset by its stable heavy materials.

For more than one clothes hook, simply slide as many wooden dowels into the Poke Hanger as you require. The bunch of them can be shifted about to accommodate different articles, such as a black dinner jacket and a bowler hat.