Poilus Paintbrush Packaging has an Anthropomorphic Appeal

 - May 22, 2012
References: facebook & notcot.org
The personification of objects can often make them much more amusing -- a technique employed in Poilus paintbrush packaging as a way to engage consumers. The artist's set comes with a pair of implements that has been cleverly bundled to produce the image of a bearded man.

A sleeve of cardboard, with a loop in the top and a slit towards the bottom, effectively holds a large brush and a smaller one in each respective opening. Cartoony illustrations give the product wrapper eyes, spectacles, a nose, a mouth and a jawline.

A great gap in the drawing leaves sufficient space for the exposure of the large brush's bristles, giving the man in the picture an impressive mustache. Poilus paintbrush packaging also features the smaller brush as a tuft of facial hair on the chin.