The 'Pup' Pocket Scanner Copies Documents without Contact

 - Nov 9, 2016
References: indiegogo & gadgetsin
The 'Pup' pocket scanner is one of the smallest wireless document scanners out there that will help to copy documents without the need to make physical contact with them. The 'Pup' works by being positioned above a document and positioned using the ingenious built-in alignment light system. The information captured by the 'Pup' is then transferred wirelessly to your device and capable of being edited and manipulated as required.

The 'Pup' is currently being funded on Indiegogo and also supports the ability to record files into Word or Excel files, which will make bookkeeping or document collaboration much easier. Each charge of the 'Pup' pocket scanner will provide enough power to charge 1,000 pages to make it ready for continued use with minimal downtime.