Plenti by American Express Lets You Use Points from One Place at Another

 - May 12, 2015
References: & businesswire
Now that there are many consumers looking to cut down on unnecessary bulk in their wallets, digital loyalty and reward platforms are easy to come across in app stores—but Plenti does things a little differently than the rest. This app by American Express operates under a whole new concept: you can accumulate points at one place and put them towards another, without needing a single physical card.

By shopping with Plenti partners like AT&T, Hulu, Direct Energy and Macy's, it's possible to get $10 off at any of these stores when 1,000 Plenti points are earned. As well as making it instantly gratifying to collect and redeem points, this unconventional rewards program means that you don't have to be consistently loyal to a certain retailer in order to earn discounts.