Good Dot's Plant-Based Meat Provides a Substitute for Mutton

 - Dec 13, 2017
References: & vegnews
A heightened interest in plant-based meat products over the past few years has inspired the creation of many new meatless products, making it easy for consumers to find everything from cruelty-free chicken strips and pulled pork to ham roasts. While there are now many options on the market for products like vegan sausages and burger patties, there are some categories of meat products that have yet to be convincingly replicated.

Good Dot is a start-up out of India that's working on a vegan alternative to mutton, or the meat of an adult sheep. When it comes to eating real mutton, Good Dot notes that "Every 100 gram serving of real mutton has 21 grams of fat and lots of cholesterol." Its meatless version of the animal product is branded as 'Vegetarian Meat' and is made with soy, wheat and pea proteins.