Deliciously Ella's New Design Celebrates Healthy Ingredients

Here Design worked with Deliciously Ella to refresh the blogger-created brand's plant-based food line, which inspires consumers to embrace healthy options and vibrant ingredients with gluten-free and vegan-friendly choices.

Some of the products offered in the range include superfood-packed energy balls made with minimal ingredients, muesli breakfast pots, savory pies and cakes, chili and more. With the rise of plant-based eating, many consumers are coming to recognize the same message that Deliciously Ella puts out, which is that plant-based eating is all about diversity, abundance and creativity rather than lack, deprivation and restriction.

The colorfully illustrated packaging designs aim to communicate the joy and vibrancy of plant-based foods and provides an eye-catching scheme that can be applied to everything from books and kitchenware to digital content.