This Airbus Patent Proposes Stadium-Style Seating for Plane Travel

 - Oct 8, 2015
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A recent Airbus patent may entirely revolutionize plane travel -- particularly in-cabin seating.

The concept proposes multi-level "mezzanine" seating, where a second layer of passenger seats would be stacked on top of the regular seats on the cabin floor. Diagrams of the re-imagined airplane seating show that passengers would still be able to recline and move freely. They also illustrate a variety of proposed configurations, including one in which passengers on the top level face each other. The potential change will first be applied to Business Class seating.

With the current concerns about the cost and environmental impact of plane travel, figuring out how to make airplane trips more efficient is an excellent way to become a forerunner in the industry -- and this Airbus airplane seating renovation does just that.