These Palacios Products Make Pizza in the Microwave

 - Jun 18, 2016
References: palacios-en & palacios-en
This trio of products from Palacios is designed to quickly and easily make pizza in the microwave from frozen.

While most frozen pizza products are best prepared in the oven, these ones are specifically designed as quick and easy alternatives that will retain their crispness and taste as though they've just been freshly baked. Flavors available include '3 Cheese,' 'BBQ,' 'Pepperoni.' To prepare, the pizza should be removed from its protective film packaging and placed on a cardboard tray before being added to the microwave. The warming time will be somewhere between just five to seven minutes, depending on the power of the microwave.

These pizzas can also be prepared in the oven, although the microwave offers a way to cut traditional cooking times in half.