Canadian Pine Pollen Co.'s Products Can Be Added to Food and Drinks

 - Dec 28, 2017
References: canadianpinepollen
As an alternative to bee pollen, the Canadian Pine Pollen Co. sells pine pollen powder that is sustainably harvested from British Columbia.

The product is naturally processed according to raw food principles, meaning that it is not heated over a certain temperature, and bottled by hand. The pine pollen powder can be added to everything from water and tea to smoothies and food, so that its nutritional benefits may be easily enjoyed. To ensure that its customers receive the most amount of nutrients possible, the Canadian Pine Pollen Co. keeps its pollen frozen until it is to be shipped.

The Canadian Pine Pollen Co. sells two different types of sustainably sourced, raw, living, whole-cell Canadian pine pollen, including Lodgepole and Ponderosa.