This Picnic Packaging Solution is Elegant and Versatile

Picnic packaging solutions may not be on the top of everyone's mind in the unforgiving cold of winter, but this particular design -- dreamed up by design student Olli Meier -- is worth looking at.

While it may seem like winter is a plague that lasts forever, the fact of the matter is that it will at some point go away, ushering in sunny summer weather and the picnics that summery weather brings. Meier's take on picnic packaging is versatile in that it can be used to carry around a variety of picnic objects with ease and style.

What's unique about this design is that it is very similar to a picnic basket by way of appearance. However, it is designed so that the fabric can be brought together and sealed shut without having to use any kind of glue or other invasive substance or adhesive.

This project shows that great design truly can enhance every area of our lives.