The PianoArc is a Staggering Six Feet in Diameter for Pure Pianist Bliss

 - Nov 16, 2014
References: pianoarc & geekologie
The standard piano layout hasn't really been modified too much aside from being digitized, but the PianoArc looks to totally change up the way that musicians interact with the quintessential black and white keys. Designed by Brockett Parsons, the infamous keyboardist for Lady Gaga, the PianoArc features three 88-note USB MIDI keyboards that each connect to form a circle that's six feet in diameter to completely surround the pianist in a spherical playground for musical bliss.

Able to really expand the ways that pianists interact with their instrument, the PianoArc is an innovative solution that is sure to up the ante for those who are looking to both push their perceived limits and create music like never before.