Phoenix by Jason Schembri are Electric

 - May 22, 2012
References: jasonschembri
Phoenix by Jason Schembri is the newest editorial collection released by renowned artist Jason Schembri. This photograph collection features only one female model surrounded by concrete, donned in luxurious gowns and accessories and voluptuously styled hair. The colors in this collection are not loud and obnoxious, but sultry and seductive neutral, grey and dusky hues.

The model might possibly represent a phoenix rising from the ashes -- empowered, strong and beautiful. Schembri's model gaze is hard-locked on the viewer, although she doesn't appear to acknowledge the presence of viewers -- lost in her own thoughts. Throughout this smoldering series, there are close-ups of the model and eerily luminescent lightnings that seem to caress her fragile form and sharply structured face.

Despite his relative newness in the photography industry, Schembri has continued to grow his skills and experience; his work has been featured in publications such as Cream Magazine, Culture Magazine Online, Peppermint Magazine and many more.