Philli Wood Shows Faux Knits at the Westminster Grad Show 2013

Philli Wood is one of the incredibly talented designers to have their work featured at the University Of Westminster Graduate Fashion Show 2013; and the unusual collection is capturing a lot of attention.

The garments make an interesting juxtaposition of winter looks with summery colors; combining a jumbo-sized screen printed chunky knit pattern with amped-up sorbet colors like psychedelic pink and neon nectarine. Even though the models are mostly covered head-to-toe -- wrapped with cowls, jackets and scarves -- the looks have a fresh summery vibe to them.

Thematically, the oversized prints are not the only big part of the collection. The layered voluminous silhouettes, coloring and knitwear references make this womenswear collection exude warmth. The inventive garments by Philli Wood are truly a testament to this young designer's bright future in the fashion industry.