Philippe Pasqua Renders Faces in an Impressionistic Fashion

 - May 2, 2012
References: pasquaphilippe & lacarpa.tumblr
Looking at these Philippe Pasqua portraits, you really get a sense of his brush movements. He forms faces in a manner very similar to impressionist artists, whereby refinement isn’t key, but conveyance of his process is. Pasqua’s emotion and attack of the canvas is bared for all to see, and though his subjects are all beautiful to look at, he’s truly communicating with the viewer through his strokes.

There is, of course, many other aspects of Philippe Pasqua’s art that’s worth discussing. For one, he often renders females which are unconventionally attractive, sporting short hairdos and uninviting expressions. The color palettes he chooses are often bleak, further emphasizing the drained looks of his subjects. It’s almost as though these faces were designed to further draw attention to the kinetic rendering technique that’s become a true trademark of Pasqua’s work.