The Peugout BB1 is a Scooter-Car Hybrid with Moto Elements

 - Nov 18, 2009
References: wired
In the world of electric vehicles, the Peugout BB1 may just be the most unique design concept yet. Okay, maybe not (we've seen some pretty innovative designsâ€"the lobster-esque Nissan V2G, for example), but it does combine both a scooter and car in one.

The Peugout BB1 is a scooter-car hybrid that features a solar panel roof and two in-wheel electric motors. The Peugout BB1 also has some interesting motorcycle components. There are virtually no backrests and the rear passengers have to wrap their legs around the front passenger's seat (I can imagine what this would look and feel likeâ€"awkward!), and the car is steered with a pair of handle bars instead of a wheel.