The Provocative and Gritty Petra Collins 'The Female Gaze' Series

 - Aug 6, 2011
References: theardorous & petracollins
The Petra Collins 'The Female Gaze' photo set gets down to the nitty-gritty of life as a teenager. The Toronto-based photographer recently graduated from high school herself, giving her the perfect perspective for capturing the sometimes harsh realities of adolescent life.

From tear-stained beauty queens to battered and bruised cheerleaders, these photos indicate that Collins does not shy away from the real issues. There is a strong voyeuristic element, as she photographs females being looked at and doing the looking themselves. There is also peace and comfort in the photos that show the young women looking out at the city, a world of possibilities ahead of them. On the other hand, the photos that expose the girls suggests that North American society believes women are simply meant to be looked at.

The Petra Collins 'The Female Gaze' series perfectly captures the innocence and gritty reality of growing up in North America as a teenage girl. Collins, who currently curates 'The Ardorous,' an online collection of art made by young women, is definitely someone to watch.