This Peter Funch Sony Bravia Photography Series Colors the Streets

 - Jun 2, 2011
References: peterfunch & mymodernmet
Some of the coolest photography captures moments that are borderline magical, just as the Peter Funch Sony Bravia photographic captures demonstrate. The Danish photographer was commissioned to photograph the priceless moments of the launch of the Sony Bravia brand. For the launch, Sony released 250,000 bright balls that proceeded to bounce down the famously steeping hills of San Francisco.

This brilliant view of bouncing balls was not only captured by Funch, but was also frozen in time through Sony's commercial. One can only imagine that this beautiful sight of colorful bouncing balls would be fairly rare for San Francisco -- or anywhere else for that matter!

The limited-edition captures from the Peter Funch Sony Bravia series quickly sold out on the popular photography and art website, LUMAS, showcasing just how magical they really are.