Peter Ainsworth Makes it to the Converse/Dazed Shortlist

 - Jun 18, 2010   Updated: Mar 23 2011
References: dazeddigital
Peter Ainsworth's compelling photographs capture bleak and desolate landscapes.

Back in April, Dazed & Confused launched the Converse/Dazed 2010 Emerging Artists Award to foster the UK's non-represented creative talent. The shortlisted artists include the aforementioned Peter Ainsworth, as well as Francesca Anfossi, Steve Bishop, Laura Buckley and Jess Flood-Paddock.

Click through the gallery to view Peter Ainsworth's prized photography.

Implications - Dark imagery in art appeals to a side of human emotion that isn't often brought to light, providing an audience with an eye-opening experience that transcends simple visual observation. The more bleak, harsh side of visual art communicates the kind of subtle darkness that the more emotional consumer can relate to, while allowing an artist to truly display their skills without the distraction of subject adornment.