American Apparel Hires for Personal Style, Not Looks

 - Aug 11, 2009
References: nbcnewyork
After being accused of hiring prospective employees based on physical attractiveness, American Apparel has released a statement to refute the claim: their screening process is really based on personal style, not beauty. Duh!

To provide explanation –- albeit an unconvincing one –- American Apparel’s creative director, Marsha Brady (seriously!) insisted in the statement that because the company sells year-round basics, they have to rely on the personal style of their employees to display the clothes in stylish ways that will sell. Basically, as Brady suggests, the clothes act as art supplies (my opinion: make your clothes more interesting and they’ll sell themselves).
According to Brady, "One of the things we look for is an ability to take our products, make them exciting, and show cool they can look, which doesn’t have much to do with being pretty."

Sure, but being pretty helps. After all, the company admitted that sometimes they don’t even hire models, but use employees and real people in their ads –- and I’ve never seen an American Apparel ad without an attractive, model-esque young person, have you?