Rose Reisman's Personal Gourmet Delivers Nutritious Chemical-Free Eats

 - Feb 16, 2012
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Make a positive, game-changing lifestyle choice with an innovative meal plan from Rose Reisman's Personal Gourmet.

As the public becomes increasingly educated about their food choices, making healthy, fresh and locally grown food convenient and plentiful has never been more important. Rose Reisman's Personal Gourmet is the first food delivery service to feature locally sourced ingredients with no chemicals added. Placing a premium on nutrition, all of Rose Reisman's Personal Gourmet meal plans offer the perfect balance of the four major food groups as dictated by the Canada Food Guide and American Heart Association.

You may choose between a Healthy Living plan or a Weight Loss plan. The Healthy Living plan features perfectly portioned meals designed to help you maintain, while the Weight Loss plan will help you realize your deal weight by taking your BMI into consideration. The best part? All of Rose Riesman's delicious and sensible meals are delivered right to your door with no muss or fuss. With convenience like that, you'll be strapped for excuses not to overhaul you diet.

So, say goodbye to hasty fast food orders and hello to a fridge full of locally sourced, balanced edible options with Rose Reisman's Personal Gourmet.