This Project Considers What It Means to Be a Person of Color

 - Aug 30, 2016
References: liberationimages &
Lisa Minogue created a visual dialogue that works to portray what it means in an oppressive society to identify as a person of color.

In each image, she shows women with brightly painted faces, with all of them posing somberly. In order to grant viewers more insight into the issue, Lisa Minogue included a short interview with the subjects to go alongside the images. With this, she reveals some of the injustices that a person of color might face.

In one, a woman named Ayah states "When I was at primary school, and all these kids would touch my hair and rub my skin to see if the color would come off and I would think 'It's just skin ... what do you expect?'" In others, Lisa Minogue considers the impacts of cultural appropriation, underrepresentation in the media and the harmfulness of stereotyping