Produce the Perfect Perfume Scent with Perfumery Tools by Andrea Strata

 - Apr 25, 2013
References: perfumerytools & mocoloco
Consumers and businesses get to turn finding the perfect perfume scent into a sensuous experience with the Perfumery Tools designed by Andrea Strata.

A series of five devices that help users to truly delve into each scent, this collection makes it simple to discover the most pleasurable aromas and to see how they react with their environment. L'Helice is a small fan that can be spritzed with perfume and fanned directly at the nose in order to see what scent the perfume gives off to nearby people. Items such as Les Cloches funnel the aroma of scented tissues for a more accurate fragrance depiction.

All of the Perfumery Tools are designed to enhance perfume scent essences in an intuitive way.