The Perfect Meal Plate Limits Portions With Fake Pieces of Protein

 - Apr 9, 2011
References: yankodesign
Dieters looking to beat back their big bellies might want to consider taking their meals from the Perfect Meal Plate. The Perfect Meal Plate was designed by Dave Wu to help people with portion control by creating a plate with a lot less room for food.

Instead of creating a smaller plate, Wu simply added faux pieces of food to the plate's design. Big pieces of fish, chicken legs and lobsters dominate the majority of these plates. Decreasing the amount of space on a dinner plate is actually a pretty ingenious idea. A smaller plate means more helpings. Having three or four helpings of dinner is something that puts even non-dieters to shame on a daily basis. My only knock against the Perfect Meal Plate is that if true hunger set in, I could see people taking a bite out of the ceramic lobster, which would probably be pretty painful and unsatisfying.