These Desk Holders are Shaped Like Giant Pencil Sharpeners

 - Aug 19, 2013
These massive pencil sharpener desk tidy holders by SUCK UK are a great way to de-clutter your office or school desks. With tons of room to stash pencils, pens, rulers and markets, these giant pencil sharpener organizers creatively tie in office supplies into home decor.

With going back to school just around the corner, keeping the desk clean and organized is a student's number one priority. The pencil sharpener desk tidy is ironically shaped like one giant, old-school wooden pencil sharpener. These desk organizers look remarkably like real pencil sharpeners with the wood portion of the sharpener being made from Rubberwood and the fake sharpener blade being made from stainless steel. These pencil sharpener desk organizers are a great way to get back into the school routine.