Co-op's "Frictionless Shopping Experience" Has No Tills

 - Mar 10, 2018
Co-op's innovative, easy-to-use app is set to transform supermarkets in the UK with a pay-in-aisle feature—meaning that consumers will not be required to visit a till in order to checkout the items they wish to purchase.

At the store's support center in Manchester, the app featuring Mastercard’s secure digital payment service is currently being tested alongside conventional in-store payment methods. With this new option, consumers have the ability to shop for goods throughout the store as usual, scanning items that they wish to pick up along the way. As part of what is being called a "frictionless shopping experience," customers are able to checkout easily via their mobile device, with the amount owing deducted from their account.

This pay-in-aisle system is set to be rolled out throughout the summer, with additional trials at Co-op's store at Microsoft's UK headquarters in Reading.