Etro's 2007 Fall / Winter Collection

 - Apr 13, 2007
Etro has replaced simple designs with cubist-futurist prints and patterns that evoke the geometric abstracts of Malevich or the tribal patterns of primitive cultures. Rectangles, squares, and polka dots intertwine, multiply, mingle, and overlap in a symphony of neo-geo prints that even blend different textures and consistencies: opaque, glossy, metallic, plasticized. This dark, shadowy palette with touches of brilliant color such as saffron yellow, emerald green, amethyst purple and striking rust creates a striking and utterly enchanting look â€" inimitable charm. These are the trendy characteristics of the Fall/Winter Etro Collection; this Italian Brand is a fashion icon for chic people who like to wear unique stylish trends.

The simplicity of Art Deco and Suprematism returns to set the stage for fashion with style's that are reminiscent of Paris in the 1920's. This collection is an ode to mysterious, risqué femininity: full of allusions and references to artistic movements.