The 'Nipayata!' Party Pinata Comes Packed with Mini Bottles of Booze

Pinatas are traditionally filled with small prizes and treats, but the 'Nipayata!' party pinata takes a different approach. Packed with ten mini bottles of various liquors, the 'Nipayata!' pinata is designed to get the party started. Aside from these boozy contents, the 'Nipayata!' pinata is also filled with an assortment of treats to help offer a touch of sweetness, perhaps even after a shot of the strong stuff.

Products traditionally oriented towards younger consumers are seeing a more mature spin being placed on them to help offer a sense of fun and intrigue. The 'Nipayata!' party pinata comes packed with everything needed to get started including the actual pinata, 20-feet of rope for hanging, a stick for hitting and a blindfold.