Parihug Stuffed Animals Send Hugs Between One Another

 - Apr 10, 2017
References: kickstarter & mashable
Parihug is a stuffed animal company that helps people stay connected to one another with a physical touch from its product, the Pari. The stuffed animals are sold in pairs, and each animal is connected wirelessly to its partner. When one Pari gets hugged, the other Pari's tummy will vibrate — no matter how far away the two stuffed animals are from one another.

The soft, plush Pari toys are somewhat abstract in appearance, vaguely resembling an anteater-like creature. Nonetheless, they're cute as buttons, and both children and adults are sure to respond to them.

The connected Pari hugs offer more than just a uniform vibration. Parihug's tech is pressure sensitive, so firmer hugs send more vibrations than soft hugs. The products connect through Wi-Fi in order to send and receive hugs.