The Palladian Facade Generator Uses AI to Create Architectural Mockups

 - May 27, 2017
References: & archdaily
The average person might not recognize the name Andreas Palladio, but they'd be almost certain to recognize his style, and the Palladian Facade Generator is a software program built off of that certainty. The prolific 16th century Italian architect came to define the architecture of the Renaissance thanks to his signature style, and that style is so recognizable that a programmer was able to build a platform that can infinitely generate Palladian building facades.

The Palladian Facade Generator conjures up far from complete works of architecture. The illustrations are two-dimensional, showing just the front-facing side of a fictional Palladian building. However, if users are particularly attached to one of the images that the software invents, they are invited to download it as a SVG file or take a screenshot.