Wayne Pete and Stephen Antonson Create White-and-Blue Custom Urn Designs

 - Mar 9, 2018
References: vogue
Each one of the painted urns by artist Wayne Pate and plaster artist Stephen Antonson boasts a one-off design in white and blue. The collaborators highlight the psychologically calming quality and emotional appeal of the colorway with a series of uniform and well-balanced pattern designs.

The Wayne Pate x Stephen Antonson painted urns express a style that has been long used by "decorators, textile artists and ceramists." While the familiarity of the technique is somewhat grounding, the hand-painted stylistic choices give the artistic approach a wonderfully unique twist.

The project's production took about an year and Wayne testifies that it really was "an organic process that took on a life of its own." While the painted urns boast an individualistically unique decoration, the similarity in the style is what unites them.