Lush Cosmetics' Packing Peanuts are Biodegradable

 - Apr 24, 2017
References: lushusa & hellogiggles
Lush Cosmetics is now introducing eco-friendly packaging peanuts to the products that it ships. These new packaging materials are entirely plant-based and made with a base of vegetable starch, which makes them much more efficient to produce than conventional popcorn packaging materials. In fact, the use of eco materials for these new packaging peanuts consumes 23% less energy and produces 7.5 times more packaging materials than peanuts made with polystyrene.

The plant-based packaging material is 100% biodegradable in water and soil. As Lush Cosmetics describes: "If you simply want to dispose of it, either add it to your compost or toss it into a sink or bathtub, and run water until it’s all gone."

Many of Lush Cosmetics' shampoos, soap bars and bath bombs are packaged without any materials at all, in part of a move to reduce overall packaging waste.