Goodyear's 'Oxygene' Harvests Energy Through Photosynthesis

 - Mar 8, 2018
References: & prnewswire
At the Geneva Motor Show, Goodyear unveiled a new tire concept by the name of 'Oxygene,' which boasts a design that can harvest energy through photosynthesis to purify their air.

As it rolls on the ground, the tire pulls carbon dioxide from their air and moisture from the road, both of which feed the moss on the inner portion of the design. Goodyear estimates that the adoption of this tire concept has the the potential to clean up major cities—in a city the size of Paris, the use of the Oxygene tire could produce tons of oxygen to remove thousands of tons of carbon dioxide annually.

The concept tire also envisions that the form would be able to use electricity generated through photosynthesis to power a vehicle's internal electronic systems, such as safety lights and sensors.