French Student Housing Shortage

 - Mar 2, 2008
References: sociologicalimages.blogspot
UNEF wants the French student housing builders and lawmakers to know that the student housing shortage has reached crisis point. The shocking ad is aimed at demonstrating that even though some would choose to "ignore" the housing crisis, it's unacceptable and shouldn't be tolerated by French students.

This ad demonstrate how far the French are willing to go to make a shocking statement about the "state of affairs" in France, even if it means you're forced to see this woman's derriere on every bus stop and billboard ad nauseum for months to come.

The ad campaign must be working though as according to Valérie Pécresse on Feb 15th, 2008 student housing will be receiving 620 million euros to create 40 000 student housing units by 2014. The moral of the story? Sex can be good, bad and even ugly, but it still holds leverage at the bargaining table.