The North Face and Comme des Garçons Created Unique, Luxury Jackets

The North Face recently collaborated with Comme des Garçons on a luxury outerwear collection that will offer consumers both style and protection from the elements.

While it is quite common to see fashion brands coming together to create entirely new, co-branded pieces, the making of this limited-edition collection involved deconstructing duffel bags from The North Face and reimagining them as durable outerwear jackets. As such, styles include pieces like the 'Duffel Bag Remake Hooded Sweatshirt' and the 'Duffel Bag Remake Wool Twill Flannel Jacket.' The collection of made-in-Japan outerwear was recently unveiled at The North Face's Carnaby Street location in London.

Alongside the collection of apparel that it created in collaboration with Comme des Garçons, The North Face also recently released a co-branded line of minimalist apparel with Sacai.