Ouro Azul Reminds People That Our Survival Depends on Water

 - Mar 11, 2013
References: ouroazul.br & adsoftheworld
Ouro Azul's print campaign, designed by Brazilian advertising agency Reciclo, Belo Horizonte, illustrates the catch phrase "When the water goes, we dry. Save the water. Irrigate our history."

The campaign is composed of three print ads that feature portraits of an old man, a young women and a young man, with skin made to look severely cracked from dehydration.

This ad campaign is marketing with a very important idea, which is to remind people that whatever they take away from nature comes back and haunts them. Our vital connection with nature and its elements are undeniable, whereby wasting earth's water supply essentially means wasting our most important survival element.

We therefore need to understand and help people grasp the concept that humans need to keep this planet alive in order to survive as a species.