OtherWorld is Up and Running in Manchester, England

 - Jul 25, 2017
References: otherworld.io & thenextweb
Millennials are just as emotionally connected to their cities as any generation before them, but that digital generation doesn't get local news and information through the traditional conduits that Boomers and Gen Xers do, and OtherWorld is a new platform aiming to give Millennials better access to local news. The platform uses locally dispersed beacons to beam stories directly to users' smartphones when they're in the immediate vicinity, providing stories that are automatically relatable and relevant to the reader.

To be sure, OtherWorld still relies on quality journalism from local beat writers. The difference is that those stories are now targeted, letting readers get more value out of them. For instance, if there's a story about a new store that's opened, readers can immediately go in to check it out (since they'll have been pinged because they're nearby.)