Sodium Stalagmite Sculptures by Daniel MacDonald

 - Jul 10, 2012
References: studioshio & coolhunting
Originally a software designer, Daniel MacDonald has ventured into the world of art with a collection of sodium stalagmite sculptures called Shio. Shio (the Japanese word for salt) was inspired by MacDonald's childhood trips to Yellowstone park.

The sodium stalagmite sculptures take about a week to make. MacDonald runs salt water over the skeleton of each sculpture, which is made of fabric and translucent plastic, until the sodium stalagmites form. The orbs are brought to life by colored LED lights that light each piece from the inside.

MacDonald explains that "Shio is fundamentally about optimism and enthusiasm for the unknown and unexplored, and that is what I want to bring to people's lives."

Shio was funded by a kickstarter campaign, and MacDonald aspires to create giant tentacle chandeliers and 8-foot spiny gourd-like sculptures in the his future works.