The 'Oova' Headphones by Marine Demeyere are Organically Shaped

 - Nov 24, 2015
References: & yankodesign
Those familiar with the Mobius strip -- a surface with one side and one boundary -- will recognize it instantly in the organically shaped 'Oova' Headphones by Marine Demeyere that are beautifully crafted to be a clear deviation from the other, more technologically robotic designs on the market.

Highlighting a natural simplicity in both an over the ear and earbud style, the 'Oova' Headphones by Marine Demeyere are indeed organically shaped, but feature a stark white and black color scheme that offsets the sculptural aesthetic for a balance between being sophisticated and approachable all in one.

The delicate 'Oova' Headphones by Marine Demeyere are a superb example of what can happen when design and technology intertwine in new, innovative ways.