PURE CO's Organic Breastfeeding Supplement Features Milk Thistle

 - Jun 5, 2018
References: amazon
Boasting non-GMO ingredients, PURE CO's Organic Breastfeeding Supplement is infused with ingredients that naturally stimulate milk production. These include Milk Thistle, Organic Fenugreek Seed and Fennel Seed. In addition to boosting a mother's milk supply naturally, these herbs are also essentials for maintaining heart health, a healthy digestive system and aiding in healthy blood pressure levels.

For best results, those taking PURE CO's PURE MOM Organic Breastfeeding Supplement should consume it twice per day. Featuring the highest quality ingredients that are safe for both moms and babies, this product is also certified vegan, featuring no added animal bi-products or other preservatives.

In addition to adhering to a strict and healthy diet during pregnancy, consumers are ensuring their post-pregnancy diet is also preservative-free with products like PURE CO's range which promises ingredients that are both gentle and effective.