The Orbit Music Streamer Ditches Touchscreens for Moving Dials

 - Aug 1, 2018
References: & design-milk
Touchscreens have become the primary mode of digital device control for some time now, but the Orbit music streamer aims to reintroduce the genuine experience of interacting with tactile objects. Designed by Senna Graulus, this exploration of tactile control offers a rotational dial system inspired by the influence of two planetary bodies.

The Orbit music streamer is composed simply of two components -- a base and a cylindrical controller. These two pieces function in tandem to operate the music streamer which gives users the ability to cycle through digital music playlists. The entire system is activated when both pieces are put together.

The Orbit music streamer currently allows for seven positions, each corresponding to a separate playlist indicated by its own LED. The cylinder portion can even be pulled away from the base to awaken the unit's "discovery mode."

Image Credit: Senna Graulus