Non-Format Creates the Identity for the Only Connect Festival

 - May 31, 2014
References: non-format & designboom
The Only Connect Festival worked with branding agency Non-Format to come up with various ways to convey the theme of J.G. Ballard, a science fiction writer from Britain.

An interesting choice for the theme of a music festival, the team behind the concept wanted the branding to convey this idea of science fiction in an interesting way. As such, agency Non-Format came up with the premise to include a futuristic version of Oslo's skyline, representing it in alternative geometric shapes and patterns. Bright colors were also used such as reds and blues, and the words J.G. Ballard can be seen on different promotional material.

While this is a slightly different theme for the Only Connect Festival, Non-Format did a great job with realizing its science fiction nature. Photo Credits: designboom, non-format