One-to-One Demonstrates the Incredible Woodworking of Waste Objects

 - Jan 17, 2014
References: carolineslotte & junk-culture
Trash takes on great value in the form of these One-to-One models. Caroline Slotte is concerned with demonstrating "an engaged sensitivity towards the associations, memories and narratives inherent in the objects," encouraging the consumer to connect with items on which he rarely wastes a thought.

Beautiful boards of solid lumber are the foundations of these realistic sculptures. They exhibit gorgeous wood grain patterns that streak through the embossed images -- features that become the visual giveaways that these garbage items are actually made from timber. The artist has whittled out a bent drinking straw, a crushed pop can, a crumpled drink bottle and a discarded tab, framing such scraps in a new and attractive way, elevating them from their usual lowly status.